CBD Bacon Soft Chew Dog Treats 150mg


CBD Bacon Soft Chew Dog Treats 150mg


Our CBD pet products are made from the highest quality pure cannabinoid. They are fast-acting, non-GMO, gluten-free and lab-verified.

Everything’s better with bacon and our flavored soft chews. Now give your dog the meaty taste that they crave while providing the pure CBD. These tasty soft chews are not only easy on canine teeth, they provide all the wellness benefits of CBD. There is no better way to reward your beloved pet than with our delicious CBD Bacon Soft Chew Dog Treats.

Are CBD treats for dogs safe?

Yes, consumption of CBD treats by pets is safe, only make sure that the CBD product you are giving has no THC. Atmos CBD pet products are made using an isolate, meaning there is no THC in them.

How Much to Give?

The dosage depends on several different factors, such as size, breed, overall well-being, the strength of the product you’re using and the prevalence of any additional terpenes will determine how your dog responds to CBD. You should start with the daily recommended number of treats and monitor your dog’s response. If required, gradually increase the number of treats until the results you desire are achieved.

We always recommend talking to your veterinarian before adding any supplement to your dog’s everyday routine.

How Long to Notice Results after CBD Treat Consumption?

Some dogs will respond right away to CBD, but we advise you to give them treats daily for two or three weeks to assess response. The effects of CBD are incremental, so it may take some time to see expected results.